Virtual School Parent Testimonials

"When the announcement was made that we would be transitioning to Virtual School — for the remainder of the school year, our hearts sank, and broke for our son.  We had no idea how things would go, whether and how he would have opportunities to make and strengthen connections with his teachers and among his classmates and how we could best support him during this time of uncertainty and transition."

From day one, the approach of virtual Montessori has been that of a partnership between our wonderful teachers and parents. The teachers have evolved their offerings significantly to adapt to and address family needs and desires, to strengthen connections (as much as you can through a Zoom call with 16 kindergarteners who want to talk about 16 random and radically divergent things and show their friends the latest Lego set they’ve built, introduce them to family members and pets or give them a full house tour) and, most importantly, to bring a smile to our children’s faces. We are incredibly thankful for the teachers’ energy, enthusiasm, resilience, and support.

~ Geetha

"My husband and I have two children enrolled in LACMS. While we are adapting like every other family, we've found the Virtual School experience provided by LACMS for our children to be a positive experience. We feel like our sons' teachers are making genuine and effective efforts to maintain the planned goals for learning, while providing some much needed comforting support, during this unfortunate situation.

We also have found the teachers to be responsive to questions or concerns that we have raised. From "number beads" and “read aloud" to special projects, they have managed to maintain many of the everyday school experiences within the virtual setting beyond what could have reasonably been expected with such a sudden and dramatic change to our everyday life."

~ 3-6 Class Parent

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